Apply to the SCS Graduate Programs - Early Admissions

    This application includes the following programs:

    The 5th-Year Master's in Machine Learning allows CMU students to complete a MS in Machine Learning in one additional year by taking some of the required courses as an undergraduate. Interested students apply earlier in Senior year than the standard application deadline and receive the response earlier as well.

    The Accelerated Graduate Program – MS in Robotics allows CMU students to receive an admission decision to the MS in Robotics (MSR) program early which may also allow students to tailor the remainder of their undergraduate program to prepare for the masters program. Program length is still 24 months. Students interested in the program should apply at the beginning of their senior year.

    Please note that "early admissions" does not imply anything specific about your decision if you are admitted to a program. The offerings above are exclusive to current Carnegie Mellon undergraduate students, and we are reviewing these applications separate from our typical admissions cycle.

    Our application opens on February 1, 2024 for Fall 2024/Spring 2025 Admissions. 

    Application Deadline:
    March 13, 2024 (3 p.m. Eastern Time)

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